About Very TLC

- What make us tick...... -

Based in the Midlands VeryTLC is ideally situated to serve the Greater London area, the Midlands and the North of England, as well as mainland Europe.

The company was created by hire industry experts, fed up of trying to make the kit on the shelf, fit the job going out of the door. At VeryTLC, we believe that all projects should be specified from the ground up, and then the equipment and crew package built to match the exact creative outcomes required of the project team in the most cost effective manner that meets all expectations.

Our drive to provide groundbreaking technical support and equipment delivery for your events informs how we stock our inventory, select the crew that we employ, and hire the specialists that we may need to create your successful event.

Whether you need piece of equipment for a boardroom meeting, or you are planning a global product launch, our thirty five years experience of creating and providing innovative technical solutions for events informs our advice to ensure that you are equipped with the very best solution.

Very TLC for hire.

- - for hire - -

We carry a high volume of equipment to cover all aspects of live event production. Needless to say we have state of the art HD Projection Mapping capabilities, Moving Light Systems and Line Array PA's, and we also carry an extensive stock of drapes, sets and staging to bring your whole event to life.

We even have some of those old bits and pieces that you might just need very occassionally; such as 35mm projectors and odd format tape players.


Our inventory of equipment is too large to list, so whatever your requirements are for supporting your next meeting or event, feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we will talk you throught the most suitable and costs effective options.

Oh, and we dont just push boxes out of the door, we also provide technicians and operators for all of our equipment and systems.


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